The Reason I Decided to Travel Australia?

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog on the clean energy transition of the Australian energy system.

I am currently travelling Australia to explore the movement that is driving a shift to a clean energy system in Australia.

Characterized by some of the most expensive electricity, the highest penetration of rooftop solar, and a consumer base with a strong interest in self-sufficiency. Nowhere else are conditions as ripe for energy disruptions as they are in Australia!

With this is mind; don’t you think it’s weird that Australia isn’t at the forefront of innovation when it comes to clean energy disruption…?

However… things could change rapidly! Australia will be one of the first countries, along with North America, to receive one of the next big things that could ignite a revolution of the energy system. This isn’t just about aircon that knows to turn itself off, or a thermostat that monitors your preference.

This is about a technology that potentially could put households and complete neighbourhood’s off-grid: Tesla’s Powerwall residential battery storage system.

It is my goal to meet so-called challengers: people, start-ups and initiatives that have sustainability high on their agenda and always seek for better and smarter solutions for societal problems. You name it…! Solar companies, wind energy companies, new & innovative energy suppliers, community shares projects, virtual power plants etc.…

I want to see and better understand in what way they contribute to an acceleration of the transformation of the Australian energy system. And most importantly, I want to document their opinion on this clean energy transformation and their vision on driving a shift to a clean energy system. I’ll do so by writing articles on my blog to share their knowledge, ideas, opinions and visions on new business models, technologies and exciting clean energy projects regarding the Australian energy transition. So that other people in the world can learn from them and we collectively contribute to speed up the acceleration of the clean energy transition.

Schermafbeelding 2015-09-21 om 18.25.54By the way… I am a Dutch MSc in Environment and Resource Management that has a particular interest in the transition of our energy system. I am not a Whizz kid, a Prince or a Jedi!
I am just an ordinary boy that wants to learn from others and shares a story with the word.

For more info see or email me at


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